Road & Track Coil Over Suspension Nissan Skyline GT

After many years on the forbidden fruit list, the Nissan Skyline R32 GT-R is fair game in America. Nissan is better known for affordable, reliable hatchbacks and its successful range of crossovers and SUVs than extreme, high-performance cars, but every now and then it breaks the mould. Both GT-Rs are great handlers, courtesy of Nissan's famed ATTESA ET-S all-wheel drive system.

The Nissan GT-R is well worth the long wait and going by the track experience it is a car that every auto enthusiast should have one parked in their garage. Time attack cars demolished lap records, street racers bullied 911s into submission, magazines and media idolised the beasts, and Skylines appeared on the bedroom walls of teenage boys the world over.

The special edition Z-Tune celebrates the 20th anniversary of NISMO and defines the ultimate R34 GT-R to come from the factory. Visit Midway Nissan today to get behind the wheel of Nissan's trophy supercar. After racing head-to-head against a Porsche 904 at the Japanese Grand Prix, the Nissan Skyline GT-R legend is born.

Improvements to the engine's valve timing and camshafts along with the ceramic turbocharger gave the engine an actual output of around 320 hp, although Nissan continued to advertise the car as having 280 hp. The 280 hp rule was a gentlemen's Nissan Skyline GT-R agreement in the Japanese auto industry, in which they adhered to the idea of not making cars with more than 280 horsepower in order to reduce high speed accidents.

Installing the wrong factory steering wheel or an aftermarket wheel will cause the HICAS rear steering system to stop working so the best cars are still equipped with their original steering wheels which is a leather wrapped three spoke design. Although the Skyline was first sold way back in 1969, Year Zero for most fans came in 1989 when the GT-R R32 was launched.

To the average enthusiast, however, it might simply look like a modified Nissan GT-R with an aftermarket rear spoiler and a new set of wheels. What's more, the GT-R's paddle shift controls now sit on the steering wheel, where they're easier to reach. The dual-clutch transmission has shed its driveline clatter, shift feel and timing is better, and the GT-R's steering has lightened up at low speeds, and lost the twitch it used to have on center.

Apple CarPlay is now standard on both versions of the GT-R and a black interior trim package is newly available. The immense power and capability of the Nissan GT-R® comes with a level of safety, control, and convenience features designed to inspire confidence every moment you're behind the wheel.

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